Top 7 Advantages Of Having A Shared Workspace

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Top 7 Advantages Of Having A Shared Workspace

People are choosing more and more to go to communal coworking spaces to get things done. Whether they’re independent contractors, creating a startup, or just looking for a more collaborative workspace, shared workspaces are very popular and only getting more so.

People have chosen to move away from more traditional office settings for a number of reasons.

We’re going to look at the benefits and advantages of these shared communal work spaces to show you what you’re missing out on.

1. Be More Effective in a Shared Workspace

Studies show that people who work in coworking spaces feel more invested in their work than people who don’t.

On a 7 point scale, people in a Harvard study, indicated that they felt that they were at 6/7, as opposed to people who work in a normal office who gave a full point lower. Coworking has proven benefits that can impact your work.

Another recent study shows that 64% of workers say that they are better at completing tasks on time. Additionally, 68% said that they were able to focus on their work in a communal workspace than in another setting. And, finally, a whopping 90% said that they felt more confident working in a communal workspace setting as opposed to another type of workspace.

This type of effectiveness isn’t something that you can just turn on or off when you need it, but simply changing spaces can help it. A move to a common workspace can help you actualize your potential that may be stagnating elsewhere.

2. Flexible Workspace

In the same study, 30% of people who worked in shared workspaces chose to work during normal office hours. The 9-5 office schedule is simply not adapted to the modern workforce and collaborative and flexible workplaces have started to catch on to fill the gap.

Coworking spaces are flexible because they allow people to choose their own hours. Coworking spaces, like North Houston Executive Suites, are often open 24 hours a day so you can divide up your day however you like, whether you work best at night, early in the morning, or in several separate segments throughout the day.

Communal workspaces provide a shared atmosphere that allows you to get things done on your own schedule, but they also provide desk and security services for you to rest easy and leave your work there.

Coworking also allows you to rent on a flexible schedule without signing any long-term agreements that could tie you down if your job makes you move again.

Flexibility is key in an economy that, by 2020, will consist of 40% independent contractors, freelancers, temps, and other self-employed people. Communal workspaces will be key to adapting in the individualized world that is to come.

North Houston Executive Networking In A Shared Office

3. Networking and Collaboration in a Common Workspace

Working at home or in a coffeeshop can limit your potential as an entrepreneur, as you won’t have contact with many people in your field.

One of the advantages of a collaborative workspace is that you work around other people, giving you access to knowledge and expertise you may not have. Some of the benefits include:

– If you have a project you are working on and are stuck, then one of the people in your common workspace can help you get another angle on the problem.
– If they work in similar fields you can even collaborate on projects.
– If you need to get your name out there or you just want to collaborate with another group of people in a similar field, collaborative workspaces can help grow your contacts list.

4. Community Workspace

In addition to networking, common workspaces can help benefit people with the sense of community that they provide.

Working at home can get lonely and make you anxious. These feelings will make you retreat to the TV, your kitchen, a Skype session with a friend, or some other task that may make you unfocused and cost you time that you need to be spending on work.

Since communal workspaces house many different types of businesses and freelancers, it’s unlikely that they’re going to be hotbeds for office drama. The collaborative environment allows for interoffice communication and a shared, collaborative workspace atmosphere.

91% of those surveyed said they had better interactions with those around them after coworking, showing that the practical benefits of coworking permeate the entire phenomenon.

This sense of collaboration and communication allows for a greater shared sense of community.

5. Health Benefits of a Coworking Space

The same survey from before shows that 70% of those in coworking spaces felt healthier at home after making the transition to a coworking space from a traditional office.

In a coworking space, like North Houston Executive Suites, if you need to take a break, walk in a nearby park, or go to the gym for a little bit, the flexibility allows you to pay attention to your health more than a traditional office would.

60% also reported that they felt more relaxed at home when they were coworking. Sharing a communal workspace can help your work-life balance and help you pay attention to your health while still getting your work done.

Structure in a shared workspace

6. Shared Workspaces Provide Structure

Work-life balance is another reason why people are choosing collaborative work spaces. If you work from home or in your neighborhood coffee shop, those places can get confused with your place of work and make you distracted.

At home, the TV, your pet, your family or partner, or chores of all types can creep up on you in your moments of distraction and lead you to getting less work done and doing it more slowly.

In a coffee shop, anything from a noisy family to a friend popping in can eat away at your potential work time.

If these are also the places you go to relax, then they might cease to be relaxing if you just associate them with work.

A shared workspace, however, is meant for work and will stay that way. It doesn’t change and it will rarely be a place for social gatherings. The structure that a collaborative workspace provides you not only with a reason to get out of the house, but a reason to look forward to getting back to the house once you’ve finished your work.

7. Cost Efficiency of Shared Workspaces

Office contracts can be expensive and potentially burdensome if you sign them for periods that are longer than you’re capable of paying for or if you want to change spaces.

Coworking spaces are rented for shorter periods of time and all of the expenses that you end up being responsible for in an office–paying the electricity bill, buying furniture, paying for parking, wifi, etc., etc., etc.–are things that are included in your fees.

North Houston Executive Suites provides many free services that make your life in a coworking space easier which you would normally have to foot the bill for if you rented another office space.

When you add up all those costs, a collaborative space is much more cost efficient and easier as it all comes in one bill together. In addition to being more affordable, 50% of people working in shared workspaces reported higher incomes than when they previously worked in a traditional office.

The monetary and economic benefits of a shared community workspace are not to be underestimated and should be taken into account if you are looking into it.

Advantages Of Having A Shared Workspace

The practical, health, economic, and social benefits of collaborative workspaces are why many people are choosing to leave the old office spaces. Setting up shop in a coworking space is easy and is something that can provide some true benefits in your line of work.

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